This is Andrew Perugini. He’s on the “outskirts of show business” as reflected by his mask (featuring AHL Falcons logo) and his jersey (Stockton Thunder). Perugini is well down the Oilers goalie depth chart but he’s certainly a player who could move up if things break right for him.

In the continuing look at “reasonable expectations” for Springfield’s prospects, here’s an update on the organization’s goaltenders.

  1. Devan Dubnyk 09-10RE: The Falcons are going to be a more veteran group top to bottom this year, so his SP should improve. I’ll say .912 and a cup of coffee in the show. UPDATE: His SP with the Falcons (.917) and his W-L (9-9) both reflect an improved result for the big goalie. I think he’s putting himself into a position where the Oilers will carry three goaltenders next season in order to avoid losing him to waivers. What could stop that? Khabibulin’s retirement and more games like last night’s stomp-your-guts-out effort by St. Louis. I know most of those goals weren’t Dubnyk’s fault and he could sue for non-support, but NHL goalies make a save or two that keeps their club in the game. Playing in front of the current Oilers is no easy task, but coach Quinn may have a hard time trusting the big goalie with another chance. We should be aware of the possibility that the Oilers find a veteran “sure thing” and send the big prospect back to Springfield. Either way, I think he’s had a successful season and would seem to be on track for his NHL career. He’s covered the bet. Oilers: 2gp, 5.36 .800.
  2. Brian Pitton 09-10RE: Pitton is listed listed on the Oilers site as being “in the system” but is likely hanging by a thread. He is signed to two more seasons according to capgeek. UPDATE: Buddy is going the wrong way. With the franchise looking for goalie help at the AHL level, Pitton is the second best goalie in Stockton (14gp, 3.66 .897) and has been passed by Perugini (among others). Headed for oblivion.
  3. Andrew Perugini 09-10RE: He doesn’t have a contract, but suspect he will at some point. I like him to play some in the AHL this season and play well enough to move up the depth chart. UPDATE: Perugini has played in the AHL this season (4gp, 4.05 .874) but is the #1 goalie in Stockton (16gp, 2.79 .915) and has indeed moved up the depth chart. I think he’ll be around next season based on performance.
  4. Aaron Sorochan 09-10RE: Interesting situation for this player. Does he play in Springfield? Stockton? Or do they send him home? UPDATE: Sorochan made the Falcons, putting him ahead of both Perugini and Pitton to begin the season. His AHL results (9gp, 3.70 .874) are about level with Perugini and don’t scream “prospect” moving forward. We have to give him credit for surviving at a high level based on being an extreme wild card, but it’s also true that the Falcons felt a need to sign JP Levasseur when Dubnyk was called to the show.

I count Dubnyk, Perugini and Sorochan as men who have covered the bet, with Pitton going the wrong way. It’s also true though that the only G on the list with a realistic big league resume is DD.

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