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After last night’s result (another L and an injury to Souray that probably means he’s here until at least summer) Oiler fans are left with a lot to ponder.

Among the items we’ve discussed lately (Eberle’s arrival, the JDDD experiment in goal, Tambellini’s second stint as the new GM, how the F’s will look in the fall) all of them involved a flush of cap and contract.

Souray’s injury doesn’t change that, but it does mean that the Oilers will have to deal another blueliner. The obvious candidate is Lubomir Visnovsky, but I believe he’s worth the contract. Tom Gilbert and Denis Grebeshkov have not played well this season so trading them means selling low.

So I think the deadline deals take on a different form at this point. We’re down to two types of deals to be made: veteran role players (Moreau, Pisani and Staios) and young talent the Oilers don’t plan on keeping because their skills are duplicated elsewhere on the roster (Cogliano, O’Sullivan, Nilsson).

We can also look forward to seeing some of those Falcons getting recalled now, with a defenseman likely on his way to replace Souray soon.

I don’t think we should hope for a blockbuster at the deadline. Souray’s was the big contract to trade, with Penner, Lubo and Horcoff part of the future in Edmonton. We should also hope and pray Steve Tambellini and Kevin Lowe don’t do anything drastic, like trade Gagner or their first round pick. You can say “that’ll never happen” all you want but desperate times sometimes inspire desperate measures.

Brian Burke went to Toronto and told the fanbase to be patient and then signed free agents by the dozen and sent away the future to Boston. And he’s apparently about to make news (9:30 our time this morning) on at least one front. We should hope Tambellini isn’t involved, that Quinn said no to the idea, that Katz nixed a quick fix, that Lowe locked himself in the executive washroom and couldn’t give his input.

As bad as things may seem, the Oilers do have some good young players. Sending away any of them should be done in the clear light of morning, with clear heads and a strong vision about the future. I never thought I’d say this, but I miss Glen Sather.

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