Canucks at Oilers, G49, 09-10

My Dad always had a way with a phrase. One of my favorites was “piss-cutter” which meant the subject (or object) being discussed was outstanding in their field. “That new drill I made is a real piss-cutter” he’d say, although no one in his house knew what the hell he was talking about (my Dad had maybe 50 homemade tools; he was a product of his time and never threw anything out. String, old rusty nails, whatever he kept it). My Dad was a real piss-cutter too, by the way.

Daniel and Henrik are real piss-cutters. I sometimes wonder if they should get some kind of penalty for being twins. You know, a minor penalty to begin each game. I know it’s ridiculous, but so is their freaky second-sense about where the other one is going to be and their incredible ability to make those butter passes to each other. I wish they were Oilers.

Actually, it was probably a blessing for one of them to get hurt because this is the first chance we’ve had to focus on one or the other. Henrik Sedin is having a mammoth season. 67 points already and among the league’s best offensive players in 09-10. His brother Daniel was injured earlier in the year so his point total (39 in 30 games) isn’t as impressive. Their points-per-game totals are similar, though. After all, they’re still twins.

I’m very impressed by this Canucks team. In the pre-season look at the division I suggested they had a chance to win the Stanley in 2010. Still feel that way. The club has the Sedins, found a winger who can riff off their solo’s, have some other forwards who can play (Kesler, Samuelsson, Mason Raymond) and some good defensemen.

Most important of all, they have trade bait. Goalie Cory Schneider and a few others (mostly forwards) along with draft picks. Canucks cap situation is (according to capgeek) very poor, meaning they’ll have to trade dollar for dollar. Can they trade Mathieu Schneider’s cap number to the Oilers in a deal for Sheldon Souray? Hell if I know. But someone should ask the question. Also, Pavol Demitra played against Pittsburgh the other night and he’s UFA in the summer.

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