Oilers at Avalanche, G48, 09-10

If Steve Tambellini is looking for a scorched earth drafting template, he could do worse than the Quebec Nordiques. In 1987 the Nords plucked Joe Sakic in the middle of the first round after a swing and a miss earlier in the round that same year.

That was followed by an incredible string of ‘pick of the litter’ drafts. In 1988 they picked 3rd, 5th and 24th. In 1989, 1st and 22. In 1990 (the year no Oiler pick would have an NHL career) Quebec got the #1 pick for the second year in a row plus the 22nd pick.

However, with two straight years of selecting first overall, there’d be no possible way to do it a third ye–wait! this just in!!–they did indeed get the top pick in 1991 and selected Eric Lindros. Lindros didn’t want to play for Quebec so they traded him a few times and got an historic return just for good measure. By 1992, after selecting Mats Sundin, Owen Nolan and Lindros first overall in three straight drafts the Nordiques flubbed one and fell to 4th overall.

Don’t get me wrong, they had a very good scouting department. Calling out Valeri Kamensky in the 7th round is a pretty good day, but following it up with Claude Lapointe in the 12th round of the same day borders on the ridiculous.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Oilers get a top 2 overall pick (and please, Baby Jesus don’t let them blow it. Don’t let them call out “ROBIN KOVAR” or some damn thing. I swear I can’t take it. Seriously, this is too much. I lived through the Expos and that will kill me. Please, Baby Jesus. PLEASE!) and I’m going to build a monument in the name of our knew saviour. This blog might change its name to “HALL ASS” or “TAYLOR MADE OILERS” or “ALL STAR SEGUINS!” or “MAKING THE SEGUIN” or “FRESH FOWLERS!” or “UP YOUR CAM-SHAFT.”

But if they screw this up I’m calling Tambellognie on the whole damn bunch. I’ll turn this blog into a Bud Selig photo site and tell stories about Edsels and Super balls and lard and Up with People! and stink finger and other horrible moments of my childhood.

And that’s not a threat, that’s a promise.

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