Penguins at Oilers, G46, 09-10

This is Bryan Hextall, Jr. Son of Sr, brother of Dennis and father of Ron. He played center for the Penguins 40 years before Sid the Kid. I chose this photo for two reasons: dig those sideburns! and that’s a real nice look at the Pens’ old time uniforms.

Hextall does have an Edmonton connection, he was loaned to the Oil Kings for the 1961 Memorial Cup (they used to do that, load up a little on the Mem cup teams–kind of an early version of the trade deadline).

I think it is important for all of us to have a list of alternate activities for a night like this one. For instance, if the score gets out of hand I plan to load up all the bottles and cans and get them ready to take to the bottle depot, and I should clean the barbeque (our family barbeques all winter).

There’s probably an old Clint Eastwood movie, and my kids are learning guitar so maybe I can get an “Unplugged” evening from my two favorite artists. It’s winter in Edmonton, and the Oilers are so bad I miss the lockout. But don’t worry, Steve Tambellini. Don’t get up, just sit there.

I’m hoping to photoshop Tambellini’s head onto “The Blue Boy” by next GDT. Blue Boy has been standing in one spot 240 years and I think it is a pretty good comp.

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