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The Oilers current image is not a good one. The on-ice product is chaotic, in disarray and frankly not easily viewed. The off-ice image is one of a plodding, dullard-filled group of men whose board room sleeps 10. Steve Tambellini’s interviews are a series of staccato, stop-start mumbles and if you see him on video it’s even more alarming: not making eye contact, looking left and right (for the exit?) and looking for all the world like he’s on ’60 Minutes’ and the question is “why did you fall asleep while flying the plane?”

It’s morning in Edmonton, this team needs a makeover. In this article in the Florida SunSentinel Panthers GM Randy Sexton tells us he is looking to do something before the deadline. He says that the owners are on board for added financial cost and he would like scoring. Theses are very specific things. Right? Florida=NHL team with needs and a chance at the playoffs. He also states he’s been talking to GMs in the Western Conference!!! That’s US!!

There’s more. Sexton says “I don’t mind paying a fair price for a player we’re going to keep, but for some of the rental guys the prices are ridiculous.” Readers should note I edited the previous quote for clarity. First, let’s look at the Panthers top 9F’s and their 5×5/60 point production:

  1. Nathan Horton 2.61
  2. Cory Stillman 2.08
  3. Steven Reinprecht 1.91
  4. Stephen Weiss 1.87
  5. Rostislav Olesz 1.72
  6. Shawn Mattias 1.62
  7. Radek Dvorak 1.44
  8. Michaal Frolik 1.40
  9. Dominic Moore 1.37

Okay, there’s the Florida list. Moore and Dvorak are checkers/role players and the top of the list includes veterans they’ll keep (Stillman, Reinprecht) and young men they won’t deal (Horton, Weiss). In that middle area (Olesz, Mattias, Frolik) there could be an opportunity depending upon what they’re looking to buy. Obviously, the prices vary on the Florida 3, Frolik and Olesz would be more costly than Mattias but it also gives us a range depending on the return for the Panthers.

Here’s the Oiler list.

  1. Dustin Penner 2.34
  2. Gilbert Brule 2.27
  3. Ryan Potulny 1.75
  4. Sam Gagner 1.63
  5. Patrick O’Sullivan 1.41
  6. Robert Nilsson 1.37
  7. JF Jacques 1.29
  8. Zack Stortini 1.12
  9. Shawn Horcoff 1.06

Now, let’s go back to that article. Sexton said he would be looking first and foremost for someone who can perform on their powerplay (leading candidates from the Oilers 9: Gagner 5.78; Potulny 5.03; Penner 4.14; Nilsson 3.97, O’Sullivan 3.82). EV scoring is a very good line in the sand for evaluating your own talent and their offensive abilities. It should also be mentioned that a player like O’Sullivan rarely gets 1line PP time, making his number a little stronger.

From that list, I’d say candidates for an all-expenses paid trip to Florida are Dustin Penner, Gilbert Brule, Robert Nilsson and Patrick O’Sullivan. All are signed, all can play and all are reasonable powerplay options. If we marry that list to the one in that middle area there from Florida’s list (Frolik, Olesz, Mattias) do we have a match?

My own feeling is that Olesz might be easier to pry away than someone like Frolik and that Mattias might be a very nice pickup for the Oilers depending on the cost. If the Oilers are offering O’Sullivan, Nilsson or Brule does that get Florida interested?

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