Through the last few weeks we’ve been talking at length about the Edmonton Oilers and the trade deadline.

New GM Steve Tambellini successfully completed an 18-month audition recently and one hopes he is anxious to put his stamp on the team. Back in the old days you’d get an indication about the deadline from Jim Matheson in the EJ or maybe John Short would imply something and you kind of knew there might be a deal to come.

Modern times have given us new sources and reading the tea leaves in those areas tells us this trade deadline may be rather inactive. On Oilers Lunch Friday, Bob Stauffer suggested fans might be better off looking to summer when Tambellini can do business on a wider canvas. Oiler fans will remember Tambellini’s inactivity last summer as he waited for Dany Heatley to say no another way, but one has to assume he has had plenty of time to evaluate the talents wearing the Oildrop.

I’ve mentioned Stauffer’s comments here and grabbed a few items for this update and gave my own opinion here. Robin Brownlee has over the years made a ton of calls correctly on this sort of thing and his latest item is here. Jason Gregor had an interesting take here.

Reading all of those items, a reasonable man would conclude that:

  1. Ethan Moreau is gone
  2. GMs are calling
  3. but not about the players Edmonton wants to sell.

If ever there was a team that needed a collective roster haircut it is this one. However, when it comes to making trades in the modern NHL you need players of value and expiring contracts. Steve Tambellini is short on both at the deadline. I’m hoping he can make something happen but his track record suggests the man is long on try and shy on getting things done in a timely fashion.

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