Hockey’s Al Haig Still in Charge Here

Daryl Katz spoke to Oiler fans yesterday and did a good job sounding like one of us. Edmonton’s hockey owner said all the right things about the future and gave us the impression changes will be made.

Buyouts, humiliating demotions to Yemen, trades that are hockey trades, intelligent signings and free ice cream. All were either promised, implied or offered as bullets in the gun of Steveland Wonderlini.

When I was a kid, my Dad always told me it was one thing to say it and another thing to do it. The results haven’t been good, but they were made in the shadow of some monster contracts given to role players and injured guys by the previous manager.

It looks like Tambellini will get his chance to clear the deck and start with a new canvas.

I’m on record saying this doesn’t need a 5-year rebuild. A measured approach that adds veteran role players, reduces small forwards by half, finds a goalie who can stay healthy and stop pucks might add up to a strong foundation for the kids to work their way into the lineup. As an example, what might happen if you kept Horcoff, Gagner, Pouliot and Potulny at center but added a quality RH checking center? Depth, a wide range of skills and if your team has to HS Potulny or Pouliot that’s some nice depth. Right?

However, the Oilers seem hell bent on putting us through a long day’s journey into night. Have your colon checked, this might take awhile.

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