Oilers at the Deadline(s)

This is kind of an unusual trade deadline for Edmonton Oiler fans. No, the Oilers aren’t buying (I well remember that magical spring when Vish Throttler laid waste to the NHL also-rans with only Jani Rita and a walking stick) but I don’t recall a time when we knew the names and numbers of the men headed out of our town this early. Ethan Moreau, Fernando Pisani, Steve Staios. Others. Not all will go, and there’s a chance we’ll be surprised by some of the men heading out of town. There’s also a chance we’ll be disappointed at how little is done (I can see Tambellini now: “we were willing to wait for Dany Heatley and we’re willing to wait for Lee Stempniak!”) but either way the characters are pretty much known at this point.

  • Ethan Moreau. In this tsn story Darren Dreger gives us the nuts and bolts of a deal. Dreger suggests that the Leafs might be willing to take on Moreau for soon-to-be UFA Stempniak if Edmonton adds a pick to the mix. Garnet Exelby is also mentioned. My feeling is that Moreau is probably enough of a Burke type (physical player with size) that the Oilers should be able to forego the pick. We’ll see.
  • Sheldon Souray: Dreger again has the story here, with six teams on Souray’s list. They are Anaheim, Dallas and Los Angeles in the west, and the three eastern clubs are Washington, Philadelphia and the Rangers. Rumors have the Rangers interested in dealing Michal Rozsival who makes $400,000 less than Souray. My suspicion is that Tambellini can do better than that, and Los Angeles can afford to take Souray’s contract and Dallas has the same ability. Souray may be listing Washington because of their Stanley chances, and one imagines New Jersey may hold some interest for him too. Ideally the Oilers would get a nice NHL defenseman–years from free agency–making under 2.5M in return for Souray. I’ll guess the big man ends up in Washington in a deal for Brian Pothier and a high pick (say a 2). If you think it is too little, remember Souray’s injury reduces his value.
  • Fernando Pisani: I read Matty’s column awhile ago but don’t agree. Pisani can help a club, he’s still a solid forechecker and can penalty kill. If anything Pisani has gained a step in the last while as he shakes off the cobwebs of injury. His checkered health history means Fernando won’t bring much, but my guess is a 4th round pick from Detroit gets it done.
  • Steve Staios: Bob Stauffer mentioned on Oilers lunch the other day he wouldn’t be surprised to see this veteran back for his final contract season with the Oil. Should the master plan include dealing Souray and Visnovsky then this makes a certain amount of sense. However the chances of someone calling Tambellini at the deadline are still quite high, and I’ll guess Steady Steve heads to Vancouver for Mathieu Schneider.

There are some others (Gilbert, Lubo, hell even Gagner gets a mention on SN last night) but the 4 men above are mentioned most often. It’s also a good idea to have a look at the HS list for any games now to the deadline. Brule was in the ditch last night, which is curious but he’d be an unlikely candidate for trade (not yet established, plus he’s the type of player a team like EDM acquires at this time).

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