Olympics 2010: G7, Canada Vs. Slovakia

That’s Barry MacKenzie (#4) and Morris Mott (#20) guarding American captain Lou Nanne at the 1968 Olympics. Despite the Laurely and Hardy helmets that was a pretty talented team and they brought home a bronze in an era when Canada’s best were employed professionally.

The game against Russia the other night was like a dream. I don’t know if there’s ever been a beginning to a game that looked as much like a “Hollywood-makes-hockey-look-like-Rocky” movie, but do know that it was stunning to watch. I don’t know if Canada can unleash that kind of fury on command but if they can then we’re in for a lot of fun.

The Slovaks are a team I always cheer for–save for tonight. Like my beloved Finns (go them!), Slovakia has all these neat players like Visnovsky and Chara and Gaborik–kinda scary in their own way. There’s also Hossa and–wait for it–Ziggy Palffy!!!

Go Canada! Don’t let the underage guys drink on the ice!

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