Canucks at Oilers, G73, 09-10

The Vancouver Canucks are a well run outfit. At no time during their entire history has the team had more capable decision makers. Consider that not terribly long ago the face of the Canucks was Markus Naslund and that the club was still counting on Brendan Morrison to stay healthy.

The 2007-08 Canucks featured Naslund, Morrison, Trevor Linden, Taylor Pyatt, Mattias Ohlund, Matt Cooke. Luongo was not yet Holy.

The current face of the Canucks (Sedins, Luongo, Kesler, Samuelsson, etc) is a mixture of past and present but they’re all young enough to have a nice 5-year window of opportunity. The team has some weaknesses (blue, depth forwards) but they’re plenty good enough to lap the field in their division.

The Vancouver Canucks might win the Stanley this spring.

Edmonton is a team playing well currently and it is fun to watch these kids having fun. Many of them won’t be back in Edmonton this fall, so fans should enjoy these lovable losers while they can.

Item: Kevin Paul Dupont has an article up that is decidedly noxious if you’re an Oiler fan. The money quote is this:

  • The Oilers dangled Dustin Penner and Tom Gilbert Boston’s way before the trading deadline. They could come calling with Ales Hemsky, Sam Gagner or Andrew Cogliano.

If the Edmonton Oilers plan to trade terrific young players like Sam Gagner in an effort to draft terrific young players like Sam Gagner, well then there’s not much that can be said for the Oilers management group. Stupid is as stupid does.

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