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The Edmonton Oilers have some nice prospects in Europe at this time. Regular readers of this blog will know a lot about Magnus Paarjavi-Svensson and his progress this season, but there’s also Anton Lander, Teemu Hartikainen and Linus Omark to consider.

Desjardins’ NHLE’s are applied across the European leagues and we’ve had some interesting results over the last few seasons. The first thing you’ll notice is that (unlike junior and to a certain extent college) we’re dealing with older players in the SEL, SM-Liiga and KHL.

  1. Alexei Mikhnov (25) (RSL) 18-27-45
  2. Linus Omark (20) (SEL) 13-24-37
  3. Alexander Bumagin (RSL)(20) 18-15-33
  4. Josef Hrabal (RSL) (20) 4-12-16
  5. Mikhail Zoukov (RSL) (22) 4-12-16

Interesting list. Mikhnov was the class of the group, but also 25 years old. Omark’s equivalencies are always good (as you’ll see) and Bumagin showed well here. Hrabal tests well in Desjardins and Zoukov at 22 wasn’t setting the world on fire.


  1. Linus Omark (21) (SEL) 21-29-50
  2. MPS (17) (SEL) 9-13-22
  3. Alexander Bumagin (23) (KHL) 7-14-21
  4. Teemu Hartikainen (18) (SML) 15-5-20
  5. Anton Lander (17) (SEL) 5-9-14
  6. Josef Hrabal (23) (SEL) 0-8-8
  7. Johan Motin (18) (SEL) 0-3-3

Omark had another impressive SEL season and at 21 years old one would have to think he was the most impressive offensive draft prospect to come out of Europe (for the Oilers) since the days of David Vyborny, Miroslav Satan and Martin Rucinsky. Hemsky is a better player but the Oilers plucked him from the Q. Hartikainen makes his appearance and shows well. The Oilers drafted MPS and Lander after their 17-year old seasons, but I’ve included their numbers so we can see where they are moving forward.


  1. MPS (18) (SEL) 16-22-38
  2. Linus Omark (22) (KHL) 20-15-35
  3. Teemu Hartikainen (19) (SML) 12-14-26
  4. Alexander Bumagin (24) (KHL) 9-14-23
  5. Anton Lander (18) (SEL) 9-12-21

This is a really interesting season for all kinds of reasons. Omark is off from his previous season, but changing leagues (and roles) might have something to do with it. Omark’s skillset is duplicated throughout the roster so his chances of making the Oilers may not be as great as it appears. He might end up being a solid trade chip for GM Tambellini this summer.

Paajarvi-Svensson’s improvement year over year is very good (+16) and compares nicely to other 18-year old NHLE’s for Oilers prospects past and present.

Totals at 18-years old

  1. Sam Gagner 13-36-49 (actual NHL season)
  2. Ales Hemsky 12-30-42
  3. Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson 16-22-38
  4. Mike Comrie 15-20-35
  5. Marc Pouliot 14-18-32
  6. Jordan Eberle 14-16-30
  7. Riley Nash 11-19-30
  8. Philippe Cornet 11-17-28
  9. Andrew Cogliano 10-14-24
  10. Anton Lander 9-12-21
  11. Teemu Hartikainen 15-5-20
  12. Shawn Horcoff 8-11-19

That’s a pretty impressive slot on this list and remember this kid isn’t one dimensional. Lander’s number is also impressive considering his scouting report lists him as a defensive center. I think he’s probably a better prospect than I rated him in December and it’ll be interesting to see him in training camp in the next couple of seasons. Hartikainen had a nice season and might end up in the NHL before a bunch of kids like MPS, Lander, Nash and Vande Velde.

The Oilers Euro drafting has improved a lot over the last few seasons, and the dual MPS-Lander picks last summer mean that the European scouts have delivered some of the very best prospects in the system over the last couple of seasons.

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