Ducks at Oilers, G74, 09-10

I always chuckle when non-Oiler fans attempt to identify the darkest, most uncomfortable worries for the true Oiler fan.

Would-be trolls say things like “what makes you think they’ll be any better next year?” or “what if Ethan Moreau is here in the fall?”

Those are low level worries, not worth the time it takes to think of them. Here, from “most worrisome” to “it still makes me worry a whole lot” are the 10 things Oiler fans are fretting over right now.

  1. Pat Quinn is named GM.
  2. Somewhere on planet earth the Oilers braintrust is talking about Hall, Seguin, Fowler and some guy they heard New Jersey liked a whole lot. Like a WHOLE lot. Oilers heard that he wouldn’t be around for the 31st pick and are mulling over using the top pick on him. You laugh, but there’s some part of the Oiler nation that believes the Niinimaki pick came about (at least partly) this way.
  3. Daryl Katz signs Kevin Lowe to a lifetime contract.
  4. There is someone with a similar name to Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin in the draft and Stu Macgregor asks Kevin Prendergast to make the pick. I’ve looked over the Central Scouting list and there’s no obvious candidates for this error, but we must be watchful.
  5. The Oilers trade the first round pick and instead of the world ending at the exact moment when Bettman is about to name the return (which would be the moral thing for the world to do), Bettman rambles on a list of 6′s and 7′s and 9′s.
  6. The Oilers make some crazy deal with the Islanders to move down to #3 because New Jersey is whispering the Bruins are taking Fowler at #2. Islanders take Hall, Lou’s information is wrong (who knew?) and the Oilers are left with Fowler.
  7. Pat Quinn brings in Rick Ley.
  8. The Oilers (in a panic) sign another veteran 3rd line player to a multi-year contract on day 13 of free agency.
  9. Jaromir Jagr signs a 4-year “Khabby” deal.
  10. The Oilers pull a Robin Kovar and enter an invalid name into the computer, thus voiding the pick.

If you don’t like these, chime in. PJ Oil will be by soon with at least 10 more. :-)

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