How Good is Linus Omark?

Two players of interest have just completed their KHL regular seasons.

Jaromir Jagr is a player Edmonton management has been quite public about over the last few months in terms of a possible signing. In the fall, Oilers coach Tom Renney said “he’s on our radar. He has NHL years ahead of him. No question.”

Linus Omark (photo) plays in the same league as Jagr and his rights are already owned by the Oilers via some prudent drafting. Since they played the 09-10 regular season in the same league it gives us a unique opportunity to see how they compare.

Jagr played in 51 KHL games and played 18 minutes per night. I haven’t been able to find the EV breakout so we’ll go with what we know. That means he played 918 total minutes while compiling 22-20-42 totals. That works out to 2.75 points-per-60 for Avangard this season. Jagr finished +19 on a team that (as far as I can tell) finished 79 goals over .500. Jagr popped 8 powerplay goals and 153 shots on goal (10 shots per hour).

Omark played in 56 KHL games and played a little over 16 minutes per night. I estimate he played 907 minutes while compiling 20-16-36 totals. That works out to 2.38 points-per-60 for Dynamo Moscow. Omark finished -14 on a team that (as far as I can tell) finished 11 goals under .500. Omark scored 7 powerplay goals and 105 shots on goal (6.9 shots per hour).

In terms of plus minus, let’s list each player in comparison to the other forwards on their respective teams.

Dynamo Moscow (40+ games)
  1. Weinhandl +10
  2. Komarov -1
  3. Krysanov -3
  4. Nepryaev -3
  5. Hudler -4
  6. Shitikov -5
  7. Harju -10
  8. Kaluzhny -11
  9. Omark -14

Avangard (40+ games)

  1. Jagr +19
  2. Popov +16
  3. Svitov +14
  4. Kuryanov +13
  5. Shishkanov +11
  6. Vlasenkov +7
  7. Prestunov +6
  8. Averin +5
  9. Klepis E
  10. Perrin E
  11. Volkov -3


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