Last Chance Texaco

Patrick O’Sullivan’s hand and Ethan Moreau’s neck may mean a callup from Springfield is imminent. There’s not much left in the Falcons cupboard but someone is likely going to get their ticket punched to the show in the next 24 hours.

Among the players who are outright Oilers prospects (forwards) are Liam Reddox, Colin McDonald and Ryan O’Marra. We’ve seen those three earlier in the season and may see them again when the Oilers take on Montreal and Toronto this week.

Also available are Oilers forward prospects who’ve never made the show. They include Slava Trukhno (photo), Geoff Paukovich and Bryan Lerg.

Finally, there are “Falcons”, minor league veterans who are signed to AHL contracts. Often these players have in fact been acquired by the AHL team itself, and these men would include Rob Hisey, Charles Linglet, Colton Fretter and Chris Minard. To my knowledge, only Minard is signed to an Oiler contract from that group of minor league veterans.

If the Oilers were about bringing up the best actual player, I think Linglet or Minard would get the call, with Hisey a possibility. Having said that, teams in 30th are basically looking to next season so a Reddox or McDonald might be the better bet.

And then there’s Trukhno. Edmonton has a bunch of AHL forwards who are restricted free agents this summer (Trukhno, McDonald, Reddox, Paukovich, Lerg, O’Marra) plus guys like Potulny, Jacques, Pouliot and Stone to make decisions on during the off-season. This might be the Last Chance Texaco for prospect and team. Many of these players could be in Europe or in another NHL team’s training camp come the fall.

It’ll be an interesting callup. or two.

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