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There’s a little bit of the hot dog in Magnus Paarjavi-Svensson. Kind of Jaromir Jagr meets Les McKeown. That will no doubt be a side story in the career of MPS as an Edmonton Oiler, following in the footsteps of items like “why does MacT hate Schremp?” and “what CAN Tom Poti eat for crying out loud?” in the years to come.

We’re not concerned with that right now. What we’re looking for is a reasonable 18-year old comparable from the Swedish Elite League that might help us project this kid into the future. With the season now done the young man ranks “in the range” with some well known SEL teenagers over the years.

  1. Markus Naslund 39gp, 22-18-40 (1.03)
  2. Tomas Sandstrom 36gp, 23-14-37 (1.03)
  3. Daniel Sedin 50gp, 21-21-42 (.840)
  4. Henrik Sedin 49gp, 12-22-34 (.694)
  5. Peter Forsberg 39gp, 9-18-27 (.692)
  6. Magnus Paarjavi-Svensson 49gp, 12-17-29 (.592)
  7. Nicklas Backstrom 46gp, 10-16-26 (.565)
  8. Anze Kopitar 47gp, 8-12-20 (.426)

Not everyone on the list is Swedish but they all played at 18 in the SEL. Backstrom and Kopitar rank below MPS here but it is important to remember that they (and Forsberg) were still in their development stages and had another gear. We don’t know if our guy has overdrive.

Which player do I like best as a comp? Tomas Sandstrom. Why? Both have/had size and skill, both were well known as teenagers (Sandstrom had a couple of strong WJC’s) and both counted foot speed and shooting ability as their calling cards as young men. Both were/are aggressive and capable of playing a physical game. As for the difference in their scoring totals and points-per-game (above), Sandstrom played on a team that scored 3.97 goals per game (143 in 36gp) and MPS plays on a team scoring 2.53 goals per game (137 in 54gp).

This kid could be the worst player on the list above by quite a bit and still be a helluva player.

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