Oilers at Jackets, G69, 09-10

Tonight’s game in Columbus gives us a chance to revisit a 2007 draft day debate. Many Oiler fans wanted the braintrust to select Voracek and others wanted Gagner. Some of us liked them both but were put off by the rest of draft day 2007.

Either way, we’ve been talking Gagner-Voracek for a long time. With the debate about 50-50 at the time, I suggested that it might take some time to declare a winner. It looks like we’re going to be here awhile.

Courtesy hockey-reference.com here’s a look at the NHL’s 20-year olds this season and their current scoring results.

  1. Drew Doughty (LAK) 67gp, 13-38-51 (.761)
  2. Jakub Voracek (CBS) 68gp, 11-29-40 (.588)
  3. Sam Gagner (EDM) 63gp, 15-24-39 (.619)
  4. James VanRiemsdyk (PHI) 64gp, 14-19-33 (.516)
  5. Brandon Sutter (CAR) 58gp, 17-16-33 (.569)
  6. Jamie Benn (DAL) 67gp,, 16-15-31 (.463)

Gagner leads in points-per-game but Voracek has the edge in 5×5/60 (1.94 to 1.60) so it is a pretty close race. I think the race is neck and neck and am still happy with the Gagner selection and his progress up to this point. The Edmonton Oilers have a lot of problems, but Sam Gagner isn’t one of them.

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