We’re beginning to see some positive signs in regard to the latest Oiler “rebuild.” Matty delivers some rather large items in the EJ this morning, including MPS spending next season in the SEL and some names of college free agents the club is pondering this spring.

The article is here.

I have no issue with Paajarvi-Svensson spending another season in the SEL but do admit some concern over getting his name on a contract. The Oilers organization can ill afford to let a quality prospect slip through their fingers and waiting until the last minute is a very poor idea.

From the list of college free agents provided by Matheson, I do like Brayden Irwin’s resume. The math likes him (Desjardins NHLE for his current season is 82gp, 14-18-32) and he’s certainly a Coke Machine.

Matheson has another item in Hockey World this morning you’ll want to know about today. A quote from Steve Tambellini in regard to scoring the top pick in this season’s entry draft may send shivers down your spine: “I’ll be interested in what kind of calls I get from other teams. I’ve never been in this position before.” Nice.

Guy Flaming chimes in with regard to Jeff Petry’s future and quotes Dean Millard having an inkling this will be the final NCAA season for the college defender. If Petry does turn pro, it might be an idea to see him in Springfield before the end of the AHL season. Petry’s NHL equivalency for this latest season is 82gp, 4-22-26.

Finally, there’s a rumor running around the Al Gore that Jordan Eberle could play for Canada at the World Hockey Championships. I’m not really in favor of it unless the kid earns a spot. The fact that Kevin Lowe, Steve Tambellini and Pat Quinn have strong connections and can influence his selecton doesn’t sit well with me. It is the kind of thing we bitch about when multiple Maple Leafs prospects make the world junior team so I don’t see any reason to be inconsistent in this matter.

I like the slow road the club appears to be taking in regard to Eberle and MPS. As long as they can sign the Swedish kid before he re-enters the draft then there’s no harm, no foul. I do think he’ll be one of the 4 best options on LW in the fall however, and I think speeds makes a great case for bringing Paarjavi-Svensson over right now.

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