5×5/60 In the Last 3 Seasons

These are basic numbers, we’ll call them the new boxcars. Nothing about zone start, toughness of opposition, quality of linemates of Goaltending SP. This is what each player managed to do 5×5 per season.

07-08 5×5/60 (Desjardins)
  1. Horcoff 2.59
  2. Nilsson 2.37
  3. Hemsky 2.36
  4. Cogliano 2.28
  5. Brodziak 2.09
  6. Glencross 1.97
  7. Gagner 1.96
  8. Pisani 1.55
  9. Reasoner 1.46
  10. Penner 1.34
  11. Stortini 1.24
  12. Stoll 0.76

Interesting numbers these years later. Horcoff and Hemsky at the top, along with young Nilsson who most certainly has talent. Cogliano in the golden zone of shooting luck, and two surprisingly effective depth players in Brodziak and Glencross. Gagner had his best season as a rookie by this metric, and among the role players the two surprises are Penner (not much doing) and Stoll (man he had a tough season but also played the toughs).

08-09 5×5/60 (Desjardins)
  1. Hemsky 2.08
  2. Stortini 1.76
  3. Penner 1.71
  4. Cogliano 1.69
  5. O’Sullivan 1.69
  6. Gagner 1.69
  7. Pouliot 1.67
  8. Brodziak 1.62
  9. Horcoff 1.59
  10. Moreau 1.52
  11. Reddox 1.43
  12. Kotalik 1.38
  13. Nilsson 1.22

Hemsky tops the charts with Penner having an improved year. Role player Stortini had an effective season, and then the three smaller skill F’s (Cogliano, O’Sullivan and Gagner) tie for 5th overall. Pouliot and Brodziak are about where role players should be in an offense that has balance. Horcoff has fallen off badly during this season (played Everest every night) and we see the other side of Nilsson.

09-10 5×5/60 (Desjardins)
  1. Penner 2.46
  2. Brule 2.36
  3. Potulny 1.65
  4. Gagner 1.56
  5. Nilsson 1.49
  6. Horcoff 1.40
  7. Cogliano 1.36
  8. Jacques 1.26
  9. O’Sullivan 1.26
  10. Comrie 1.21
  11. Jones 1.14
  12. Stortini 1.08
  13. Moreau 0.88

Hemsky actually led (2.85) but didn’t play enough games to make the list. Penner had a spectacular season when placed against the performance of the other forwards (and it gets crazier as we begin to add on other elements). Brule had a strong year, and although he hasn’t really built a resume for this level of play the fact remains the kid did indeed have a strong season based on the boxcars.

Potulny, Gagner and Nilsson had stronger seasons than one might think based on glancing at the 5×5/60 number. Remember, this was a team that couldn’t break out, make a pass or score for love nor money so that the end of year totals look worse than they probably should just based on normal performance and luck. Play this season again and have even half of the veterans healthy and I think you can make an argument that Gagner’s 1.56 this season is more impressive than the superior number of one year ago.

Horcoff’s numbers have been off for two seasons now, owing mostly (imo) to the fact that he’s become something of a specialty player (own zone faceoffs 46.1) and a de facto checker.

Based on the numbers, I’d say we can count Penner and Brule as having outstanding offensive seasons in this narrow view; Potulny, Gagner and Nilsson had average seasons (which could be considered a positive on this club); Horcoff and Cogliano are south of that, we’ll label them uneven and have a closer look at the other indicators. Jacques and O’Sullivan were poor, we’re going to allow that Comrie had some health and injury issues but suggest that his season won’t get him a pay raise. Stortini, Jones and Moreau are depth players and their numbers, while low, aren’t unreasonable considering the state of the hockey club during the 09-10 season. Stortini doesn’t drive the bus, and this year’s model was just awful.

We’ll start the process of evaluating each player for the 09-10 season on Monday. Beginning with the team’s best player, Dustin Penner.

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