It is April 1st

It is April 1st. April Fool’s day. I find myself being very happy that the NHL doesn’t allow trades today, because it seems to me our guys might be on the bad end of a few gag-deals.

We’ve done a few “April Fool’s” posts over the years, they are here and here.

This has been a year of April Fool’s Days for Oilers fans, so I’m not certain it is fair to do a top 10 this year.

This has been a season like no other I can recall. Name another season in your lifetime in which “Barbara Ann Scott” and “pubis thing” could co-exist.

Name another season in which -33 isn’t about the temperature.

Name another season we’ve seen so many brutal turnovers.

Name another season we’ve seen so many injuries.

Name another season that looked as hopeless.

Name another season that saw so many of us praying for a slide all the way to the basement.

Name another time when “last” meant as much in the City of Champions.

We’ll do another “April fool’s” top 10 next year. It just doesn’t seem like a good idea today. It would seem more like Groundhog Day after the craziness of this season.

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