Oilers at Coyotes, G78, 09-10

This is Felipe Alou. He was the last great manager of the Montreal Expos (the others being Gene Mauch, Dick Williams and Buck Rodgers) and for most fans represents one of the very best periods for les Expos. They were deep, had quality at every position and best of all were young enough to have a long run.

I completely understand modern day Winnipeg Jets fans. I understand why those “Coyotes to Winnipeg” rumors and always check out the “what do you think of my updated Jets logo?” posts over at HF.

Major league baseball begins anew tomorrow night. All teams have an equal chance to win it all, all teams are unbeaten, all teams have hope and a brand new day.

But not my team, not Felipe Alou’s great 1994 team, not the team that MLB turned its back on a few years ago. We are left with melancholy and memories, we are the new Brooklyn Dodgers. Where there was once glory there are only memories, and the train doesn’t run by here anymore. Good luck you Jets fans, I hope your team comes home during my lifetime.

The Oilers are running out the string and the only constant is injuries. Gagner doesn’t look like he’ll return, Brule was hurt in last night’s game. Don’t worry, though. They still have Slava Trukhno.

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