Tambellini’s Summer

Last summer, Steve Tambellini gave us a list of “to-do” items that we was shopping for July-August 2009. They were the following:

  • A #1 goalie.
  • A top 6F
  • Players who were tough to play against
  • Grit and size

And here’s what he did:

  • Signed Khabibulin
  • Tried to deal for Heatley (and then signed Comrie)
  • Deal Brodziak for crimes real or imagined in the “tough to play against” department and attempted to sign Chris Neil.
  • He (and possibly Quinn and other members of the organization) may have felt that Stone and Jacques gave them enough in the grit and size department. Either way, he did nothing.

This summer, the list is (unsurprisingly) similar. They need size and grit, and they’ve also recognized a few old chestnuts we’ve been talking about (right handed center to help in the FO circle).

My point here is that the Oilers must have an active summer because they’ve piddled around not making decisions on so many people. There are oodles of small forwards and some of them must be sent away. Here are some real items I think we can assume Tambellini and company are going to be using in their action plan before opening night 2010-11:

  • At least two of the small forwards will be gone (I’d guess Nilsson and O’Sullivan).
  • Sheldon Souray will be traded for a lesser defenseman (Rangers likely).
  • A veteran RH center comes to town and settles the middle up front.
  • They bring in a big winger with some skill (possibly the new Isbister). 
  • They sign one of those monsters Stauffer is always talking about on his show.  
  • Oilers will deal one of the young goalies (I hope they keep DD).
  • MPS is signed and surprisingly makes the big club.

Last season, Tambellini signed a goalie and then Comrie. And then he waited on Dany Heatley forever. I know Tambellini spoke yesterday about offloading guys with questionable character but one doubts the other NHL teams will be eager to pick up these types.

I think Oilers fans should expect a very active summer. Seguin/Hall at the draft, a major trade to move into the middle of the first round for a Dylan McIlrath type and a bunch of small forwards (plus Souray) heading out of town.

My guess is we see at least 6 new faces on the big club opening night. At least.

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