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This is Yvan Cournoyer. He was a bullet on the ice, high octane offense off the rush and absolute excitement. He had more breakaways than anyone else in my lifetime and I don’t think it is close. A modern day comparable might be Pavel Bure (in terms of dynamic skaters) and I bet there are old timey defensemen who still have nightmares about Cournoyer getting a step on them.

tsn is covering this year’s NHL combine. I’m not absolutely certain how much the bicycle and the other disciplines tell hockey people about these kids; the NFL combine features testing on men who are 4 or 5 years older than these hockey kids. I don’t know how an Yvan Cournoyer would have performed back in the day, and I know guys like Gerry Cheevers would have looked pretty damn funny in a hefty bag.

However, I do think tsn is just miles ahead of anyone else in regard to promoting hockey and making it a year-round event. I think the NFL has learned some things about the draft from the NHL (first round in prime time) and that the NHL is learning some things from the NFL. tsn is at the forefront of many of these changes and is looking for another opportunity to create an event out of very little.

I wouldn’t bet against them, they’ve done it before. Examples are the NHL trade deadline, entry draft and July 1st. In a country where television is basically an American experience, tsn is a breath of fresh air.

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