Is our Children Learning?

The tough thing about being a parent is that you don’t get the report card until you’re old as the hills. One minute you’re letting the kid borrow the car and the next minute he’s showing you pamphlets for the Pine Island Lodge or he’s hiring Brownie.


Driving around the city yesterday afternoon listening to Bob Stauffer, I was struck by a comment about Riley Nash. The general thrust of the conversation had to do with the lack of progress for Nash in his three Cornell seasons. I’d also suggest that the poor reputation the ECAC endures contributes to the idea that Nash is wasting away.

So, is he progressing? Let’s have a look at the boxcars:

  • (age 18) 36gp, 12-20-32 (.889) 28pims
  • (age 19) 36gp, 13-22-35 (.972) 34pims
  • (age 20) 30gp, 12-23-35 (1.17) 39pims

So, we can see that in straight boxcar terms Nash has in fact improved season over season. He trails Yale’s Chris Higgins (who ended up playing in the show) in terms of points-per-game at each step of the way but he’s got some offensive talent. Now let’s have a look at how much he contributed to team offense each season:

  • Freshman 36gp, 12-20-32 on a team that scored 102 goals (31.4%)
  • Sophomore 36gp, 12-22-34 on a team that scored 92 goals (36.9%)
  • Junior 30gp, 12-23-35 on a team that scored 95 goals (36.8%)

Cornell scored 107 goals in 34 games this season, but Nash missed 4 of them and the total in his GP is reflected above. So, about the same level of output season over season. Here are the totals for EVs:

  • Freshman 36gp, 5-10-15 (.417)
  • Sophomore 36gp, 8-12-20 (.555)
  • Junior 30gp, 8-12-20 (.667)

Now we don’t have TOI totals but it looks like Nash has made nice progress at even strength, and it is also reasonable to suggest he’s playing tougher opposition than he was as a rookie. Finally, PP:

  • Freshman 36gp, 7-10-17 (.472)
  • Sophomore 36gp, 4-10-14 (.389)
  • Junior 30gp, 4-11-15 (.500)

Again we’re not privy to the TOI totals (one can’t imagine what would happen if the general public got hold of it. Reefer madness!) but he doesn’t seem to be going backwards in this area.

So, is our children learning? I’d say there’s evidence to suggest we can answer in the affirmative.

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