Oilers sign Cornet

The Edmonton Oilers signed another graduating junior today, this time Q winger Philippe Cornet. I ranked him as the 13th best prospect in the system in December and there are several reasons to like this player.

  • Redline Report: “From a kid that we’ve had concerns about being on the smallish side and a bit of a perimeter player, that shows us some of the intestinal fortitude we’ve been looking for from Cornet since he was drafted second overall at the 2006 QMJHL draft.”

Since 2001 the Oilers have used 10 draft picks on kids from the Q and the results have been mixed. Ales Hemsky certainly covered the bet, and young Olivier Roy looks like he’s on track to become a solid pro. However, some of the QMJHL picks have not been able to deliver at expected levels once they sign Oiler contracts.

Cornet is a bigger, more physical winger than the one Kevin Prendergast drafted, but how did his offense develop after draft day? Let’s compare him to a couple of Oiler drafts from previous seasons, by age.

Age 17
  1. Marc Pouliot 65gp, 32-41-73 (1.05)
  2. Slava Trukhno 64gp, 25-34-59 (.921)
  3. Philippe Cornet 61gp, 23-26-49 (.803)

At this age the first round pick is clear of Trukhno (120 overall) and Cornet (133 overall). People always comment that Pouliot’s numbers were due to Sid Crosby playing on the same line, but the kid wouldn’t arrive in the Q until the following season.

Age 18
  1. Slava Trukhno 60gp, 28-68-96 (1.60)
  2. Marc Pouliot 42gp, 25-33-58 (1.38)
  3. Philippe Cornet 63gp, 29-48-77 (1.22)

Big season for Trukhno and Pouliot’s injury woes are a runaway train. Cornet shows nice improvement year over year. Crosby’s linemates this season were mostly Roussin and Stewart, although Pouliot did play with Sid the Kid.

Age 19
  1. Slava Trukhno 60gp, 25-77-102 (1.70)
  2. Marc Pouliot 70gp, 45-69-114 (1.63)
  3. Philippe Cornet 65gp, 28-49-77 (1.18)

Trukhno never made it in the AHL let alone the show, which feeds the old line about Quebec Major Junior stats being worthless. I don’t really buy that, it seems to me every junior league has some clunkers in their top 10 scorers (speed, size, gumption issues are most often blamed for failure). Having said that, we can see that Cornet (offensively) trails the other two men at the same age.

Here’s a ranker of Desjardins’ NHLE’s (with Cornet in bold) from this past season’s junior, college and European prospects on the Oilers list:

  1. Jordan Eberle 22-24-46 (19) (WHL)
  2. Riley Nash 13-26-39 (20) (NCAA)
  3. Magnus Paarjavi-Svensson 16-22-38 (18) (SEL)
  4. Linus Omark 20-15-35 (22) (KHL)
  5. Chris Vande Velde 13-21-34 (22) (NCAA)
  6. Philippe Cornet 10-17-27 (19) (QMJHL)
  7. Teemu Hartikainen 12-14-26 (19) (SML)
  8. Toni Rajala 11-15-26 (18) (WHL)
  9. Milan Kytnar 8-14-22 (20) (WHL)
  10. Anton Lander 9-12-21 (19) (SEL)

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