What will the Oilers list look like?

During the Kevin Prendergast draft era (from 2001 right through the end of the 2007 Entry Draft) the Oilers developed some tendencies at the draft table. Select skill early, mountain men in the middle and round out with more skill at the end. After the lockout, the club spent the early portions of drafts on smaller men–Cogliano, Gagner, Chorney–and then MacGregor took over.

Things have changed and Stu MacGregor is developing some tendencies of his own. Although we’ve skirted around the draft a little so far, this post represents the official start of the Lowetide “entry draft 2010″ countdown. We’re going to stare at this sucker until it blinks.

From 2001-08, the Prendergast era drafted like this:

  1. WHL-11 
  2. Sweden-10
  3. OHL, QMJHL-8 
  4. USHS-5 
  5. Finland, NCAA-4 
  6. Czech-3
  7. USHL, AJHL, Russia, OPJHL-2
  8. EJHL, NAHL, US U18, BCJHL, Slovakia-1

41% of the KP picks came from the Canadian Major Junior Leagues. The combined USHS/Canadian tier 2/NCAA total amounted to 21% and Sweden accounted for 15%. Between those three draft portals, Edmonton spent 77% of their total Prendergast picks.

However, they rarely spent Swedish picks early on. If we count only the Oilers top 50 picks during the KP era, we once again see the CHL (62.5%) and the NCAA axis (31%) with only Jesse Niinimaki (Finland) a top 50 pick from Europe. KP selected OPJHL (Cogliano), USHL (Greene, Petry), USHS (Chorney), BCJHL (Nash) from less than marquee North American leagues but most picks belonged to the CHL (Hemsky to Gagner) and most of the production also came from the Canadian Leagues.

We have two seasons (2008 and 2009) from Cooking with Stu, let’s run those numbers like we did right at the top of this post.

  1. WHL, Sweden-3
  2. QMJHL, Finland-2
  3. USHS, BCJHL-1

The CHL represents 41.67% of the Magnificent Bastard’s picks and Sweden is at 25%. Finland and the NCAA axis are at 16.67%. The numbers seem to be holding true, although Stu’s top 50 selections include two Swedes and a kid from the WHL.

Next up: what kind of production did KP get for all those CHL top 50 picks, and will Stu MacGregor follow suit? Also, what has the organization told us about this year’s draft (after #1 overall)?

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