2010 Post Rd 1 Thoughts

This is Tyler Pitlick. He is probably the best player available from the 2010 draft pool as teams head into the second and final day Saturday. The first round was a roller coaster after the first three picks (Jackets surprised with their pick of Ryan Johansen at #4) and by the end of the first round there were a higher than normal number of top 30 projections on the outside looking in.

What does that mean for tomorrow? Probably more off the board picks. A few things Oilers fans should keep in mind:

  1. Stu (Magnificent Bastard) MacGregor is building a very nice track record in the second round and beyond. It is perhaps under appreciated since he’s kicking the daylights out of the first round.
  2. The Oilers usually start doing the wacko “draft for need” stuff in the third round. Knuckle-draggers and tall trees start coming out of the woodwork along about pick #70.
  3. The Oilers may get a terrific offer for #31 and they should look at it. The NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles put a high value on the first pick on Day 2, feeling it gave all of the teams a chance to review their lists and mull over trades and opportunities. Their position at the top of day 2 may have a benefit.
  4. Redline-a notorious hard marker-likes Pitlick a ton: “Accelerates briskly out of cross-overs and blows by defenders. Has an NHL caliber shot right now. Flashed the ability to power through defenders to get to net. High energy level every shift. Can gain separation in corners with sharp twists and can turn on a dime. Patient playmaker. Long-limbed with farmboy like strength. Aggressive and finishes checks.”
  5. Steve Tambellini has added a forward and now has about 19 guys up front who are either signed or restricted. Culling the herd up front has been a difficult task for the Oilers since their Stanley run (never a problem on the blue since they don’t have enough players) and they also need to offload a goalie some time soon.
  6. The NHL players who might move tomorrow: Souray, Moreau, Nilsson, O’Sullivan, Cogliano, Dubnyk, Deslauriers.
  7. Fringe NHL players who might move tomorrow: Jacques, Potulny.
  8. Prospects who might move tomorrow: Riley Nash.
  9. The most likely picks tomorrow: Coke Machines, goalies, dirt-mean defensemen with one eyebrow.

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