Draft Week 2010 Post #1: Redline’s Mock (and more)

This is Mark Pysyk of the Edmonton Oil Kings. For old timey guys like me, Pysyk is an interesting bookend to Phil Russell’s selection in the 1972 Entry Draft (Russell was taken 13th in ’72) and it’ll be interesting to see if he slides into the top 30 overall.

Mike Remmerde isn’t high on him, but Redline’s mock draft has him going #25 overall. I won’t spoil the surprise by telling you the name of the player Kyle Woodlief is suggesting the Oilers take #1 overall, but would like to address a continuing issue in the Seguin/Hall debate.

I think we’re (as a group) a fairly reasonable bunch. We’ve looked at the evidence made available and are (mostly) in agreement that this is an extremely close race for #1 overall. There is an element of the online-Oilfan who use internet aggression to establish a position, I guess in hopes of saying “I told you so” down the line. Maybe it makes sense in some wonky way, there’s a 50/50 chance of being right and if you’re wrong who the hell remembers anyway?

But it is kind of a drag to see one outlandish comment followed by 90 responses. It muddies the water, changes the tone. ALL posters are welcome here, but respect is earned. And I hope that you do your part by not feeding the crazy posts that have the Hall/Seguin race as being anything but a photo finish.

This one is going to be very close.

Redline has their look at goalies out today as well and Remmerde is kicking the crap out of the competition here. I’ll have my final top 30 up tomorrow and let’s have some fun this week.


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