Happy Father’s Day

This Father’s Day finds everyone in good health at my house and the kids growing up unabated. The boy has a dream (the Vancouver Film School, the price of which has me looking for empties in ditches day and night), the girl has about 50 of them (rock star or a writer at this point, plus she’s a vegetarian–the first in the history of the family. Did you know a veggie burger is done when it turns GREEN on the barbeque? I think that’s right) and my wife handles her three kids with aplomb while still finding time to look beautiful every damn day.

She’s a great girl (I married better than she did) despite turning down my idea about 6 weeks ago (“Sandra Bullock should live with us!”) and there isn’t much we’re without (although if Diane Lane moved next door that would be okay, I guess) at this time.

I know a bunch of you have families and a few guys who post here still have their Dads and Moms. Today’s the day to tell them you love them, buy them a Skilsaw or a double-double and remember they’re gone forever when they go.

Happy Father’s Day, gents. And good luck to your ladies. :-)

I’ll have an Oiler post up later this morning. Hard to keep up with all the Oiler trade activity but we’ll do our best.

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