Renney New Oilers Coach

Tom Renney is the new head coach of the Edmonton Oilers. In the spring GM Steve Tambellini was vehement in his defense of Quinn as coach but it is also true that any fool could see problems at the head coaching position.

Quinn’s negatives were many: very little progress from the young players, stubborn on some players and slow to change, and until late in the season seemingly unaware that he was getting his ass handed to him re:line matching.

The new coach inherits a plethora of problems: a starting goalie who may be starting for Folsom in the fall; a blue depth chart lacking in quality and quantity; a mixed bag of forwards that include very few who can be graded out at “average or above” at the NHL level.

There are plenty of positives for Renney. A great crop of young talent ready to graduate to the majors (MPS, Eberle, Hall/Seguin) and a nice group of 20-23 year olds (Gagner, Cogliano, Brule, Smid) to help the build.

His veterans are a mixed bag and the goal/blue is the major issue, but Renney built a solid group at G/D in NYC and two of his strengths are working with youth to get the max and building solid defensive teams. In a very real way, the Oilers re-hired Craig MacTavish today. If you can check and play without the puck, this is a good thing (meaning everyone from Pouliot to Reddox should benefit up front, and Peckham should do well with this new coach).

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