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Yesterday’s qualifying offers give us a strong indication about the kind of roster Tom Renney will employ in 2010-11. In the spring before he was hired, I posted a “Tom Renney in a box” post that looked at the type of roster he used with the Rangers. Renney employed end-of-the-roster fighters/coke machines/goons who routinely averaged less than 10 minutes a game. In 06-07, Colton Orr and Ryan Hollweg were regulars and fought 16 and 15 times respectively. Other very physical regulars included Brendan Shanahan (in photo), Sean Avery (acquired mid-season) and they also spent some at-bats on people like Jed Ortmeyer and Brad Isbister (and remember these are just the forwards).

That’s a lot of beef, folks. So, when we talk about free agency and trades, the Oilers shopping list should include the following:

  • right handed 2-way center
  • veteran right winger who can serve as mentor to the kids
  • 2 quality defensemen
  • someone from the goon squad

This isn’t the sort of team I enjoy watching, but then again watching Ales Hemsky get knocked around and injured isn’t much fun either. Derek Boogaard is available (apparently), and I’d like to see them sign him just because he has done so much damage to the Oilers. Don’t care if they play him, just keep him away from the Oilers skill players.

As for buyouts, we should hear something today. If we don’t, Ethan rifles, Patrick O’Sullivan and Robert Nilsson will remain on a still-crowded depth chart. We wait.

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