Settling All Family Business

Cody Wild (#37) and Dean Arsene (#29) are helping Devan Dubnyk (#40) in another Falcons game last winter. Rob Daum got the news Friday: he’s gone. No Okla City, no employment, no future with the Edmonton Oilers. I don’t know Rob Daum (met him once, talked about cars and travel) but know a few people who regard him very highly as a person and a coach.

Why then is he out of work? I think it has a lot to do with being “tarred with the same brush” and “getting a new start.”

Daum was the coach of Edmonton’s AHL team during a time when its 1st round picks either skipped a grade (Gagner, Cogliano) or stumbled and fell (Schremp) or really needed to put in the minor league time (Plante, Dubnyk) before hopefully being a help to the big league team. The club didn’t sign a lot of “name” AHL free agents and they kept pouring at-bats into prospects who weren’t getting any better.

However, development is a funny thing. The Oilers have had a lot of players who didn’t take huge steps in the right direction during Daum’s tenure (Colin McDonald, Geoff Paukovich, Taylor Chorney, Cody Wild, Ryan O’Marra, Slava Trukhno, Alex Plante) and many of those are high picks.

We can blame Prendergast for the development or Daum for the teaching but at some point they’re in the same car together. I think of KP as “Sonny on the Causeway” and Daum in the “Moe Green” role and one suspects Abe Vigoda (a scout or two) isn’t going to be able to talk his way out of this either.

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