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This is Peter Mahovlich. He was the 2nd player taken in the history of NHL’s drafts (#2 overall, 1963). The first player taken (Garry Monahan) ended up getting traded for Peter Mahovlich 6 years later. The Detroit Red Wings used to be a pretty terrible team, and their trading of Mahovlich (to Montreal, of course) was pretty typical of their style. Old timey Red Wings fans (my father in law is one and has an exceptional memory) tell stories of the Red Wings of the early ’50s turning over a lot of their roster in the summers when they won the Stanley. Crazy stuff.

Detroit turned the corner miles ago, and one of the reasons is scout Hakan Andersson. There’s a great article up at that gives the reader a very nice look into how things get down in the Red Wings war room:

  • “I’ve heard that some teams have meetings 10-12 hours a day prior to drafting. But we settle things quicker than that. I think part of that is the fact our scouting staff has been the same group for years. The majority of us have been together for 10 years. I find that if we’re discussing a European player, we’ll take a smaller discussion to the table with me, Vladdie (Vladimir Havluj) and either Jim (Nill) or Joe (McDonnell). The three or four of us will work that out and talk about the player. I do know my mind is on the draft 24 hours a day when its coming up. Jim Nill and Joe McDonnell make the decisions but just before our pick is coming up, they’ll say, ‘Hakan, one more time now. We’re looking at this guy. What’s your gut feeling?’ It’s nothing big or anything, but basically do I like him or not.”

Another article that should be of interest to Oiler fans is a nice writeup on the Oilers site about last season’s draft. Mike Sillinger makes the comments (he’s the new KP) and has some interesting things to say.

  • (on Cameron Abney): “For a really big guy, his legs just haven’t caught up to him yet. But he has the real potential to become a real power forward. His biggest thing is that he needs to get stronger. He needs more leg power. He just hasn’t filled out his body yet.”

For those of us who are used to Kevin Prendergast’s verbal, the negative words (“haven’t” and “hasn’t”) stand out. Having said that, Abney’s offense has a long way to go before we can call him a power forward; maybe Sillinger has some KP in him after all.

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