RE 10-11: Forwards

This edition of the Edmonton Oilers forward group will be discussed for many years to come. The sheer number of quality prospects reminds the older group of the 79-82 or 95-97 cluster.

This movie won’t do much box office, but the star power is breathtaking.

The Oilers forward depth chart is unusual in that it is long on skill prospects and short on seasoned working men. Much of it looks more like a World Junior invite list than a collection of names gathered to play a long season against men. For this reason, and the usual ones that dominate discussion of young pro hockey players–slumps, injuries, learning curve–my projections appear to be harsh. I believe these projections represent the most conservative estimates based on comments throughout this month’s post.

Lets hope everyone is right.

The men who will be counted on (Penner, Hemsky, Horcoff, Gagner, Fraser) are few but the possibilites for the youngsters are seemingly endless. We’ll know more about all of these young men by this time next season. History tells us there will be more than a few stalls and delays. It is the nature of developing young people in the NHL.

  1. Dustin Penner 81gp, 35-35-70
  2. Ales Hemsky 60gp, 18-48-66
  3. Sam Gagner 80gp, 17-37-53
  4. Shawn Horcoff 68gp, 13-29-42
  5. Taylor Hall 74gp, 20-20-40*
  6. Gilbert Brule 75gp, 18-22-40
  7. Magnus Pääjärvi 66gp, 12-18-30*
  8. Andrew Cogliano 82gp, 10-20-30
  9. Jordan Eberle 72gp, 12-17-29*
  10. Ryan Jones 69gp, 10-12-22
  11. Colin Fraser 75gp, 8-14-22
  12. Zack Stortini 66gp, 4-7-11
  13. Linus Omark 25gp, 5-5-10*
  14. Ryan O’Marra 24gp, 1-3-4*
  15. JF Jacques 25gp, 1-1-2
  16. Steve MacIntyre 36gp, 0-2-2

Last summer, I predicted the Oiler forwards would score 208 goals. They in fact scored 174 goals, as injury, illness and ineffectiveness ruined yet another season. This time around I’m predicting a more conservative 184 and most of the difference has to do with the number of rookies and the number of forwards who are not close to being offensive contributors.

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