Oilers Cut 20

This is Martin Marincin. He is one of 20 prospects who were cut by the Oilers this afternoon. All 20 were predictable cuts, although some of these kids got the boot very early.

First the names: Jeremie Blain, Tyler Bunz, Drew Czerwonka, Brandon Davidson, Curtis Hamilton, Martin Marincin, Ryan Martindale, Kristians Pelss were all reassigned to their junior teams. All of them are Oilers prospects.

Dallas Ehrardt, Chase Schaber, Dominik Schlumpf, Nolan Toigo were all released to their club teams and the Oilers do not have their rights.

Oklahoma City got a few more names to add to their first 2 (Colin McDonald, Jake Taylor) players: Jordan Bendfeld, Philippe Cornet, Milan Kytnar, Matt Marquardt and Bryan Pitton.

Outright released (but invited to OKC camp) were Jesse Gimblett, James Livingston and Mike Thomas.

All were going to get cut eventually, but this might be a wake up call for Cornet (he was sent out last season after playing in one pre-season game). There were reports that the young skill W looked less impressive this fall and today’s move would seem to confirm it. 

Joey Moss tomorrow night and then it gets busy.

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