Barons Scoring 10-11

The first edition of the Oklahoma City Barons are an entertaining bunch. The club is a nice mix of AHL veterans and prospects on the rise, with a veteran goalie backstopping the team to victory many nights this season.

I wondered about quick starts for the veteran AHLers (Belle, Moran, Giroux) and how the boxcars break down. For some of the AHL vets and prospects, the powerplay has been an enormous boost to the overall number.

Here’s a breakdown of scoring so far this season for the Barons:

Even-Strength (Forwards)

  1. Linus Omark 12gp, 4-3-7
  2. Brad Moran 12gp, 3-4-7
  3. Liam Reddox 12gp, 4-2-6
  4. Alex Giroux 12gp, 3-3-6
  5. Colin McDonald 12gp, 3-1-4
  6. Teemu Hartikainein 12gp, 2-1-3
  7. Ryan O’Marra 12gp, 0-3-3
  8. Matt Marquardt 7gp, 1-1-2
  9. Milan Kytnar 11gp, 1-1-2
  10. Cam Stewart 8gp, 0-1-1
  11. Philippe Cornet 10gp, 0-1-1
  12. Chris Vande Velde 11gp, 0-1-1
  13. Ben Ondrus 12gp, 0-1-1

I’ve bolded the AHL rookies. Hartikainen is posting some nice offense despite a -8 (Vande Velde is also -8) and would have to be considered the early class of the rookie forward group. Giroux leads the overall scoring but is making hay on the PP as we’ll see in a minute. The big item here is Omark; he’s creating offense in a very good league at 5×5. An extremely good sign. Liam Reddox is also creating offense.

Even Strength (Blue)

  1. Taylor Chorney 12gp, 0-3-3 +1
  2. Richard Petiot 12gp, 0-3-3 E
  3. Shawn Belle 12gp, 0-3-3 -3
  4. Jeff Petry 12gp, 1-1-2 -8
  5. Alex Plante 12gp, 0-1-1 -2
  6. Johan Motin 9gp, 0-0-0 E
  7. Jake Taylor 3gp, 0-0-0 E

As with Giroux, Shawn Belle’s PP numbers (and Petry’s too) have helped his overall boxcars. At even strength the blueline features 4 players who are contributing and Chorney specifically looks better at 5×5. His +1 is also a huge leap from one year ago (after 12 games last year Chorney was -11). Plante isn’t getting much PP time (1 assist) and therefore we see him at the end of the offense, and Motin appears to be an extreme DD now that we’ve seen him for awhile (that was his scouting report).

Powerplay (overall)

  1. Shawn Belle 1-6-7
  2. Alex Giroux 3-3-6
  3. Jeff Petry 1-4-5
  4. Brad Moran 2-1-3
  5. Linus Omark 0-3-3
  6. Teemu Hartikainen 2-0-2
  7. Liam Reddox 1-1-2
  8. Colin McDonald 1-1-2
  9. Chris Vande Velde 1-0-1
  10. Philippe Cornet 0-1-1
  11. Milan Kytnar 0-1-1
  12. Richard Petiot 0-1-1
  13. Alex Plante 0-1-1

Interesting PP numbers. Belle and Petry clearly get the big minutes on D and have delivered in that role. Six different forwards have 2 points or more with the man advantage, so I’d guess the 2PP (which might be Hartikainen, Omark and Reddox) gets a good percentage of the chances compared to a normal split. All 5 of the rookies appear to be getting PP time. Impressive.

Penalty kill (overall)

  1. Liam Reddox 1-0-1
  2. Ryan O’Marra 0-1-1

The ginger should be in the NHL rfn. Reddox and O’Marra are doing good things with the Barons and I wouldn’t rule out both of them playing in the NHL this season.

With all that as the background, here’s how I see things in terms of callups:

  1. Liam Reddox (help the PK)
  2. Shawn Belle (puck mover, help the 2PP)
  3. Linus Omark (has some jam, creating offense)
  4. Alex Plante (looked good last season during callup)
  5. Richard Petiot (he’d get the call if the team passes over Plante)
  6. Ryan O’Marra (he can PK, decent on faceoffs)
  7. Colin McDonald (scoring more, played well in last season’s coffee)
  8. Teemu Hartikainen (has NHL frame, may get a cup of Joe)

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