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One thing we can say with certainty about the internet: not many “I don’t knows” out there. Which makes sense, who wants to read some knob who isn’t sure of him or herself? BORING. Having said that, there are subjects we can talk about that don’t have a clear answer. We can see them coming from a mile away, and perhaps begin forming opinions on them long before the entire story unfolds.

We all see things differently. As a for instance, if you look at this photo and say “hey, what kind of dog is that?” well I’d say you are among the 5% of the readership here that is female (I don’t really know the percentage, but if my photo’s haven’t sent them away, Dennis and his unique spelling of “Montreal” probably did it).

So, without further adieu, here are some Saturday questions:

  • Once in awhile, the NHL gives you an experiment to follow. Such is the case in Atlanta, where Roger Neilson pupil Craig Ramsay is the head coach after decades in a support role. Most fans are probably writing the team off because it is in Atlanta, but that would be folly (the Flames were damn good in Scarlett’s town). Or maybe they’re writing them off because of Ilya Kovalchuk. However, they have size, skill and experience and if their goaltenders can remain upright I think this team might surprise. Either way, an interesting experiment.
  • Sheldon Souray is saying the right things in Hershey. I have it on fairly good authority that Hershey is not close to being “Las Vegas East” so an exit from the AHL is likely at the top of Souray’s mind. I wonder how ST will get him through waivers and onto the team willing to trade for him. This brings me to a question. Asked because I don’t know. CAN the lowest ranked team (aside from the Oilers) make an agreement to pluck Souray off waivers with the intent of sending him to Edmonton’s choice of team in a modified three-way deal? Say, Souray to Columbus for a 4th round pick? And then they send Souray to the team willing to deal for him? Can they do that?
  • I work with a fellow who was at the Oilers-Flames game the other night. He said it might have been the best regular season game he’d ever seen the Oilers play live. Now, he isn’t old enough to have a strong memory of the Boys on the Bus in their prime (remember, Coffey was dealt November 1987) but was that the best regular season game in a decade? Five years?

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