Odds and Sods

This is the Jam. They were part of the new wave movement from Britian 30+ years ago. I always liked the Jam, their lyrics were clever and they wrote their own songs. The tunes were catchy and along with some other new wave groups (Talking Heads, Clash, Television, PIL, Gang of Four) jumped out of the radio 1977-82.

Most of those groups either broke up, someone died or the songs dried up, but I always thought the Jam would be the ones to survive. Oh well.

I was talking to my friend Louise the other day about the three Oiler kids. Louise is a wise person who tends to have a big picture view about things. Her feeling is that coach Renney is rolling the kids out there in all kinds of weather so they can get used to the speed on the freeway. Looking too closely at line matching is something for down the line, for now its stand back and enjoy the ride.

Which sounds right. The Oilers aren’t going to send Hall down to junior and they’re not going to call up Omark to sit one of the kids. This is it, folks. Patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

One thing about Ethan Moreau, he could liven up the internet. I wish he were here right now, to give us his opinion about the faceoffs (“I’ll get in there and show them how its done. It’s in the wrist action”) or the kids (“well I can’t play with all three every night but sooner or later they’ll pick up on this stuff”) or the penalty kill (“I like to get a penalty early, down in their end of the ice. That way everyone knows they need to bring their best to the rest of the game”).

But we’re left with Shawn Horcoff, who in the article above stated (about Hall’s struggles) “it’s going to be a good lesson for him. Things may have come easy up to this point, but it’s always good for a player to go through a little bit of adversity. He’s no different. But he’s getting chances, he’s getting opportunities. It’s only a matter of time for him.”

Porridge. Bring back Ethan. I leave you with probably my favorite Moreauism: “We have 33 games left, so if we want to do it, we’re going to do it. We can climb back to the top. It’s up to us. We’ll see what we’ve got down the stretch. We’re in a bit of a lull right now and it’s up to the leaders in the room to get us out of it.”

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