Panthers at Oilers G2 ’10-’11

There’s a buzz about the 10-11 Oilers in this city. People who don’t usually follow sports closely know about the Eberle goal, know about the tsn spoof, and want to know if the Oilers are for real. Normally, I’d bring out my “prospects don’t develop in a straight line” speech and suggest we take a watchful view with regard to the new Cardiac kids.

Screw it.

Hey, we all know there are going to be games where the money ran out and the engine blew. We know this because this is not a Stanley contender and we know this because the average age of the team is about 20 and that blue isn’t good enough. But that’s boring, and we’ll have plenty of time to talk about it in the down times.

It is time to be a fan.

I’ll post the lineups when they come available, but imagine it’ll look a lot like G1′s lineup. I thought Gagner’s line had a lot of zip (and that has gone a little bit unnoticed) and am interested to see if Peckham can continue at the level he did in G1. Plus the kids, and Dustin Penner’s TOI.

UPDATE: Lineups from ON (C-LW-RW)

  • Horcoff-Hall-Eberle
  • Gagner-Penner-Hemsky
  • Cogliano-Pääjärvi-Brule
  • Fraser-Jones-Stortini
  • Smid-Gilbert
  • Whitney-Foster
  • Peckham-Vandermeer
  • Khabibulin-Deslauriers

HS: Dubnyk, Strudwick, MacIntyre.

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