The Cask of Amontillado

We are down to this: Steve Tambellini will send Sheldon Souray to the “Cleveland of the AHL” later today in order to reach the 23-man roster limit.

Souray will go, and play well I’m sure. Should he avoid injury, it is certain that another team will make the Oilers an offer for him. The problem becomes slipping him through waivers, meaning that Edmonton will need to trade Souray with a great deal of risk (the lowest team on the totem pole can grab Souray for half price via re-entry waivers).

This won’t end well. Souray’s comments to Mark Spector will read like a love letter compared to the venom Souray will no doubt pass around the league with regard to “playing with the Oilers.”

No matter. The Oilers are in the department of youth mode, and big ticket free agents won’t be pursued for years. Whatever Souray says about the management of this team will be a distant bell by the time Edmonton makes a call in fury on July 1 of any year.

The thing I’m most interested in at this point is which fellow is going to be painted as the villain of this piece. I suspect that even though Tambellini represents Montresor and Souray is surely Fortunato at this point, history will write this episode in a very different manner.

Something about “cutting off your nose to spite your face.”

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