Oilers at Hurricanes, G13 ’10-’11

Losing Shawn Horcoff for any length of time is a tough item for the Edmonton Oilers. The captain had been playing at a very high level, contributing to the offense while serving as mentor for two of the team’s golden prospects.

There are all kinds of options for callup (Omark, Reddox, O’Marra, McDonald, etc) but none of them are going to be suitable replacements for #10. I think the most reasonable option is moving Brule to center and having him play with Penner on a 2line (Cogliano centering the 3line).

The defense had its best game the other night, so there’s a chance Peckham sits until the next disaster. The Hurricanes are playing well above their expected level and have a rich AHL team to draw from if injuries hit. Their center depth makes for interesting comparisons to the Oilers group.

Carolina C’s EV scoring (with FO %)

  1. Eric Staal 4-3-7 (40.1)
  2. Tuomo Ruutu 2-4-6 (41.6)
  3. Brandon Sutter 2-3-5 (33.5)
  4. Jon Matsumoto 2-0-2 (43.8)

The Hurricanes depth chart is taken from their site, I honestly haven’t followed the team enough to know if that’s the actual depth chart. Experience abounds here, with Staal (493), Ruutu (392) having a lot of NHL experience and Sutter (136) coming along.

Edmonton C’s EV scoring (with FO %)

  1. Sam Gagner 3-3-6 (40.2)
  2. Shawn Horcoff 1-3-4 (48.4)
  3. Andrew Cogliano 1-3-4 (38.2)
  4. Colin Fraser 0-1-1 (38.9)

Horcoff has played in 649 games, Cogliano 258, Gagner 235 and Colin Fraser 169.

None of them are killers in the FO circle, I suspect much of that has to do with inexperience on the wings. Finally, here are their 5×5/60 numbers courtesy Gabe Desjardins:

  1. Staal (CAR) 2.20
  2. Gagner 2.06
  3. Cogliano 1.82
  4. Sutter (CAR) 1.79
  5. Ruutu (CAR) 1.67
  6. Horcoff 1.63
  7. Fraser 0.84

Matsumoto has played in only 3 games (5.33/60) so I’ve excluded him from the group. Interesting numbers here.

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