Rehab, Rebar and Fubar

We know (because of NHL rules regarding rehab assignments) that JF Jacques will be recalled to the NHL by the Oilers in the next few days. Why the Oilers don’t risk waivers on Jacques and callup a PK man like Reddox or O’Marra is beyond me, but we have to remember the Oilers management worries over things like losing JDD to waivers and no doubt have the Pepto out when thinking about Jacques exceptional value.

I sometimes wonder if other NHL teams “leak” that kind of information to weaken the roster of other teams. It might be way off, but if Sutter in Calgary can keep a PK man like Reddox in the minors by declaring his undying love for JFJ or JDD why wouldn’t he do that?

I’ve been thinking about it since the Oilers told us Jesse Niinimaki was coveted by the New Jersey Devils. They used that as the reasoning for drafting a #50E (European) prospect (accoring to the Central Scouting Bureau) in the top half of the first round, 2002.

Maybe there’s a team laying in wait for the talents of J-F Jacques. Maybe it’s Calgary. But maybe he’d slide through like JDD. Sure would be nice to have Liam Reddox for the penalty-kill. Just saying.

We also know (various sources including Jason Gregor on the Team 1260 this afternoon) that the Oilers have some injuries along the blue today. Smid has a concussion and Peckham has a wrist problem (we saw both yesterday. Smid looked a little wobbly after Avery’s cowardly act and Peckham was seen talking to a trainer on the bench) and that probably means a call to the minors.

The Barons have a crazy schedule (games occur on party nights only) so there’s nothing shaking until the 5 o’clock whistle blows on Friday. They don’t have to call up a defenseman (Vandermeer could draw in for Peckham or Smid) unless both defensemen are unable to go.

I wrote an item last night about the OKC Barons defense and the possible callup order, and think there’s a good chance one of Belle or Petiot gets called tonight or tomorrow. Among the 4 prospects, Petry and Motin would appear to be season-long Barons, with Chorney also likely to spend the majority of the time there. Plante would be the one prospect I could see getting called, as his skill set most closely resembles Smid’s and Peckham’s among the gang of four blue.

From what I can tell, Plante seems to be playing 2nd pairing minutes this season with Chorney. His first 17 games this season look a little better than one year ago:

  • 09-10: 17gp, 0-3-3 -4
  • 10-11: 17gp, 1-2-3 -1

Of course, this is a better team than the Falcons, but Plante seems to be progressing as a defender and also leads the team in PIMS down in Okla City. If the Oilers recall a defensemen, there’s a strong chance it’ll be Belle or Petiot. I do think Alex Plante has played himself into the conversation, and that is absolutely progress.

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