Ducks at Oilers, G27 ’10-’11

Ales Hemsky is out for a month. In terms of entertainment  value, this would have meant death for the Edmonton Oilers a year ago.

This season, there are plotlines and speedburners and the Calder race. The three wise kids, the travelling thunder that is Theo Peckham, the step forward by Sam Gagner.

There’s some nice things. I’m still very sad Hemsky is injured, though.

I wonder what to do about 83 moving forward. He was injured quite a bit before his 27th birthday and now he’s injured again. Ales Hemsky played 22 games last season. 22! He’s going to miss 20 or so again this season, and that’s if he stays healthy all year long (after returning).

Ales Hemsky has been my favorite Oiler for most of the decade. He’s a sublime talent and the Oilers have had him tied to a reasonable contract the whole way. Rumor has it that Hemsky would accept another very reasonable deal, but one imagines that the organization would need to sign him long term. I wonder how many years is reasonable based on his injury history?

Over at ON, poster Sandra Blood says the following:

  • Garfield is claiming the Oilers have put a claim on Todd White off of waivers, Still 14hours away. Hmm thats why no one has been called up.

I haven’t a clue who Garfield is, but the idea of picking up Todd White does make some sense. He had a decent relCorsi a year ago with the Thrashers (and played against decent competition). He is 53.7% in the dot this season (just 54 sorties) and was 53.8% in 745 sorties with the Thrashers last season. He’s a $2.375M cap hit and goes free agent in the summer.

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