"Jerry, It’s Frank Costanza! Mr. Steinbrenner’s here, George is Dead, Call me Back!"

The Edmonton Oilers were born under a bad sign. Not only are they getting hurt again this winter, the vital veterans are the ones taking the hits. Shawn Horcoff, Ales Hemsky and now Ryan Whitney have had significant injuries during ’10-’11.

It’s a killer. An absolute anchor to the bottom of the sea. During my reasonable expectations season preview in the summer, I wrote the following:

  • How important is he to the team? Vital. Beyond vital. What’s the word after vital? Life or death? That’s three words. Anyway, should he (or Gilbert) get injured I suggest stamp collecting this winter.

That’s about right. They were terrible with him, they’re in real trouble without him. Lordy.

We know the injury is to an ankle, it’s real and it’s a spectacular FU to the Oilers 10-11 season. The latest I’ve found from a credible source is this tweet from Bob McKenzie. So, I have a Canadian 5 cent stamp with a beaver on it? Offers?

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