Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas morning. The kids will be up in awhile and my favorite day will begin. The unwrapping of presents (no trains or work benches or kitchens for Dad to put together this year, I kind of miss it but it’s also nice to be sleeping at 2AM).

I’ll make breakfast (great pancake recipe plus bacon because if its the best day of the year there has to be bacon) and then nod off or play some of the new games Christmas brings.

It’s a great day. I’ll help peel apples and then Jo will make pies and start the turkey. We have a great turkey this year, grain fed and no additives or something (I have no idea, but Jo-Anne is pretty excited about the turkey and she knows what she’s doing).

Tomorrow and the rest of the week is for friends and shopping and hockey and other things, but today is family. As my kids get older (both teenagers now) I cherish these days even more; one day soon one of them will spend Christmas elsewhere. I always tease Jo-Anne about that, but the truth is I’m going to miss these mornings and the sound of little running feet as much as she will. I guess that’s why they invented grand children.

I want to wish you the best of the season no matter your beliefs. I hope this Christmas finds you in good health and among those you love. All the best.

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