Oilers at Canucks G34 ’10-’11 (plus G1 WJ’s)

That’s Bobby Schmautz with my haircut, maybe 1971. The Habs in photo are Rogatien Vachon and JC Tremblay. Within a few years Vachon would be a star on the coast, Schmautz had emerged as a 30-goal scorer and Tremblay was in the WHA. When this picture was taken it was Tremblay who would have been the most valued player, and depending upon the exact date it could have been one of Vachon’s final Hab performances (he was dealt due to the emergence of Ken Dryden).

I hate to say this, but the Canucks are in a window of opportunity for the Stanley. The twin piss cutters have real help now, not just a wing and a prayer plus the D looks as tight as Watts-Wyman on some nights. Luongo is acting like Wayne Newton live from Vegas many nights (what IS he doing?) but one has to imagine Michelangelo will paint a masterpiece in the post-season.

The Vancouver Canucks may win the Stanley in the spring.

I’m really enjoying the Oilers right now. The rookie kids seem to have jumpstarted the older kids and the joint is rocking. I love the compete level of Taylor Hall, and married to what I hope we can agree is ridiculous talent this guy is going to force Pierre McGuire to come up with a new word for ka-bong. And Jordan Eberle is also an out of sight talent. Really, this is an amazing season to be an Oiler fan.

It’s opening day of the World Juniors today. I don’t follow NFL football that closely (the Eagles are my team because they came on tv when I was young and their quarterback was a guy named Roman Gabriel. What a great name for a quarterback) so this is a day devoted to hockey.

Christmas, and the world juniors with as much Spengler as I can get. If you’re trying to shake off the tryptophan, this might help.

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