Oilers at Sharks, G32 ’10-’11

The Edmonton Oilers 10-11 will be a famous team someday. You don’t have to see them on the cover of Time to know they’ll be heard from this decade. A lot of very good players made their NHL debut for the copper and blue fall/winter 2010 and there may be more on the way (Petry, Hartikainen, Vande Velde).

The thing about a team like this one: you’ve got to pay attention. They’re likely to lose tonight (Sharks won’t make the playoffs this season but are better than the Oilers), but San Jose is running out a no-name defense and many are years from helping. From now on, the Oilers are a team that will force viewing because you never know when something special will happen.

The Oilers didn’t call anyone up but I have a feeling the club is going to see some of the AHL team in January. If Brule and Cogliano continue to sink beneath everyone else on the skill list, Edmonton may decide to give others a chance. They won’t flush Brule or Cogliano, but JF Jacques is probably on borrowed time at this point.

If the Oilers traded Souray to NJD, how many teams could put in a claim before New Jersey got him? I think there might be a trade there, with Edmonton taking on an awful contract (Lou collects them like ornaments) in return for something nice (maybe a draft pick). Souray isn’t lighting it up in the land of cocoa so the point could be moot, but it would be nice to get a draft bullet for MBS.

The theme tonight will be rookies. SJS have Logan Couture and the Oilers have a couple of interesting kids. Here are the leading scorers among rookies:

  1. Logan Couture (SJS) 33gp, 17-7-24 +8
  2. Jeff Skinner (CAR) 32gp, 8-16-24 -5
  3. Jordan Eberle (EDM) 31gp, 9-13-22 -2
  4. Taylor Hall (EDM) 31gp, 10-9-19 -2
  5. Derek Stepan (NYR) 35gp, 9-10-19 E
  6. Kevin Shattenkirk (COL) 22gp, 5-14-19 +1

Couture is a strong candidate and Shattenkirk is coming on strong. The Oilers kids are in good position as they get closer to the halfway point of the year.

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