Van Horne to Baseball’s Hall

This is Dave Van Horne. He taught me a lot about baseball and was good company during my childhood. Along with Duke Snider, Van Horne explained everything from a triple play (I saw one in maybe 1973. Called by Van Horne, he paused exactly as Mike Jorgensen did at first base and then Van Horne’s smooth voice described the throw to Boccabella at home plate and the collision that came after) to why my beloved Expos were so bad 1976 summer.

I think Dave Van Horne (and Dennis, and maybe his Dad, and a few others) would understand my deep feeling of loss over the Montreal Expos. It sounds silly to mourn the loss of a bunch of powder blue uniforms, a few hundred baseballs and some bats, but I miss that old baseball club so much it hurts.

I’m glad to see Van Horne moved on and continued an outstanding career. I saw a few articles about this today, and they touched on some of his great calls. For me, “el presidente, el perfecto!” remains the ultimate call and will forever hold a place in my imagination. I thank Dave Van Horne for that and so many other things, like those crazy Saturday night rainouts when the Expos had purchased the time and had to fill three hours. Crazy days, and I loved them all.

Congratulations, Mr. Van Horne.

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