CHL Prospects Update: Lordy

This is Jeremie Blain. After an early season injury the puck moving defender is having all kinds of success in the QMJHL. He’s not alone, as it seems like the entire Oiler prospect stable is shooting lights out this year.

If you’re an Oiler prospect playing junior hockey and not progressing, this is one bad year. Here’s the current list of prospects playing in the OHL, WHL and QMJHL and their point totals.

The Oilers have so many outstanding young players at the NHL level that several of these kids are going to have prolonged stays in the AHL before getting a real NHL shot.

Which is fine, because that’s what the good teams do; develop your players in the minors and then plus them in when needs arise. The Detroit model, as it were.

  1. C Ryan Martindale (OHL) 43gp, 26-35-61
  2. L Curtis Hamilton (WHL) 37gp, 16-34-50
  3. R Tyler Pitlick (WHL) 44gp, 20-30-50
  4. L Drew Czerwonka (WHL) 44gp, 11-21-32
  5. L Kristians Pelss (WHL) 40gp, 7-10-17
  6. R Cameron Abney (WHL) 36gp, 4-6-10

That’s a terrific amount of talent that is clearly above board at this time. Martindale, Hamilton and Pitlick are impact juniors and Czerwonka is a quality regular. Hell even Pelss is coming on a little (3-1-4 in his most recent 6 games). Odds are only one (maybe two) of these kids will turn into NHL players (I count 200 or more games as the line in the sand).

  1. Martin Marincin (WHL) 42gp, 11-32-43
  2. Brandon Davidson (WHL) 48gp, 6-26-32
  3. Jeremie Blain (QMJHL) 20gp, 1-19-20

I’m trying my absolute best not to get giddy about this situation. Three guys who are scoring well in juniors from the blue, and the top prospect on the list has a wide range of skills. Lordy.

  1. Tyler Bunz (WHL) .913SP (7th overall in league)
  2. Olivier Roy (QMJHL) .904SP (6th overall in league)

Tracking goalies is like tracking knuckleball pitchers. We wait.

Plus arrows for everyone save Abney. Seriously.

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