Ain’t That Peculiar (a Peculiar-ality)?

No wonder Gump Worsley hated the Rangers. That’s his coach (the famous “Muzz” Patrick) showing a few Rangers (Allan Stanley is the captain to the left, Camille Henry is to the right of the other captain. I believe the other captain to be Bones Raleigh, a legendary name in Manitoba sports) how to piss off the goaltender.

Good grief.

Camille Henry was called the “eel” because hockey nicknames suck. Henry was the first and only rookie to score a hat trick of PP goals in an NHL game until Taylor Hall turned the hat trick on the weekend. Credit to Dan Tencer for uncovering that gem.

I think this is going to be an astonishing week for Oiler fans. Not in a “we’ve gathered building blocks for a winner way” but in an “Ain’t that Peculiar?” kind of way.

Some of the language in the reports we’re seeing on the Al Gore are familiar. Assets. Here’s something from the Fourth Period that moved last night about a possible Hemsky deal:

  • TFP: A league executive told TFP the Oilers are asking for a package that includes a young, NHL-quality player, and at least one top prospect and/or a first-round draft pick in exchange for Hemsky.

Hmmm. This sounds a lot like the wording we heard from Kevin Lowe in regard to the Pronger and Smyth return. Assets.

  1. Young, NHL quality player: Likely RW Wayne Simmonds. Big winger with two-way ability, he’s a physical player with a non-stop motor. According to behind the net, Simmonds plays the toughest competition (his relCorsi is 2nd behind Ponikarvosky), his 5×5 points per 60 (1.75) ranks 5th (ahead of Smyth but just behind Stoll) and his zone starts (48.6%) are the second lowest on the Kings (biggest mountain is Handzus which makes sense). His boxcars (57gp, 9-11-20 -3) are more than respectable when we run them through the advanced stats I’ve listed. Simmonds is not used in a PK role, something he’d probably do with the Oilers.
  2. One quality prospect: Likely D Colton Teubert. Former Regina Pat teammate of Jordan Eberle, this is a little dissapointing in that the Kings have several AHL defensemen (Voynov, Hickey, Martinez) with a wider range of skills. He’s big and he’s tough, and I suspect he’s on his way to the Oilers organization. I’m not certain where he’d land on the depth chart, but it would be a really good guess to say Teubert will be in OKC if the trade goes down.
  3. First Round pick: If the season ended today, the pick would be around 14th overall. However, if they’re dealing Hemsky to LAK it’s likely the pick would be in the 20′s. As much as I believe in Stu (Magnificent Bastard) MacGregor, I’d prefer the Oilers attempt acquiring young Andrei Loktionov who has a very wide range of skills.

We know that Kevin Lowe has a specific list he looks for and that Steve Tambellini and Lowe discuss trades closely (we can tell from Oil Change episodes and if that’s not enough there’s that little voice in our ear that is always putting two and two together. Beyond that, Dennis King is a running encyclopedia with regard to the tought process of the Oilers hive-mind).

I think that’s probably the deal. Oh sure, the names might change–Washington might be offering a similar package with a more offensive prospect to replace Simmonds–but that might not suit the Oilers. Their shopping list as I understand it? A center who can play, some grit and secondary scoring on the bottom two lines and more defensemen.

I think the Kings win this deal. Is it enough? Hell no. Will it happen? History tells us this deal (or something similar) is quite possible. It is not the Ryan Smyth deal (that was a deadline trade for an expiring contract the organization had decided not to pursue after the season) and Simmonds will certainly be better than Nilsson, O’Marra or Plante.

Is it enough? No. There’s no Braydon Schenn and there’s no big center, no mobile defender who might become a true stud in a wide area of disciplines and it doesn’t address special teams (although I do believe Simmonds could fill that role).

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